For the first time, I enjoyed in the Premium Sake Brewery Tour in Hokuto Yamanashi!

2018/02/22 [Yamanashi]
Reporter: MN&TK

We have visited the Yamanashi Meijo(Brand name is Shichi Ken) and Tani Sakura in this tour. It was very first time for me to visiting breweries so it was very interesting. We could tasted many variety of sakes and enjoyed a lot. I loved the very fresh nama-sake(Flesh sake) and also enjoyed the atsukan(Hot sake) in the middle of very cold winter!

For me, one of the most attractive things in this tour was Misogi at the beautiful famous Misogi shrine in Yamanashi. In general, people recognized Misogi is a Japanese ritual purification by washing the entire body, but the priest told us it also cleaning your spirits to be beautiful. It’s like we can make a fresh start in life everyday with Misogi. Having Japanese Sake after Misogi with cleaned beautiful spirits was kind of mysterious and
beautiful experience.

Generally speaking, Daiginjo and Ginjo tend to be the most flavorful types of premium sake and people love them, and of course so do I. but that day, in our lunch time, I found that Junmai was greater paired with rice than Ginjo. That is a magic of pairing.One of the great thing about sake is most sakes go with most food. Hopefully, the tourists from overseas can have a chance to know sakes and enjoying them with Japanese food to discover the great pairings.


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