Tour of Ichi no Kura Brewery and It’s Wholly Handcrafted Sake at Matsuyama Village, in Miyagi Prefecture’s Osaki City.

2017/03/06 [Tohoku_Region][Miyagi]
Promoter: Ichinokura K.K.

Sake Brewery Tourism: Recommended Information


In a corner of Osaki’s plains, the famed breadbasket of Miyagi Prefecture, surrounded by the bountiful natural environment blessed with many underground springs, a group of brewers carrying on the techniques of brewing in the southern tradition, Nanbu Touji, have set up a sake brewery and set to creating high quality, handcrafted sake. In an observation corridor set up exclusively for the tour, you can look just beyond the glass to see the brewers hard at work in their brewing, as well as information panels prepared in various places which exhibit the tools of the trade, complete with descriptions. After the viewing tour, you’ll be ushered to the lobby to enjoy a taste of the sake yourself, and buy a bottle to take home if you like. Along the path of the tour, quiz corners have been set up, so kids can enjoy the experience too.

Sake Brewery Tourism: Points of Interest


At Ichi no Kura brewery, in order to allow more people to enjoy our handcrafted sake, the brewery hosts events all throughout the year. Features of the events include access to areas of the brewery normally closed to the public, hands-on learning about Japanese sake with Ichi no Kura’s Sake University (Late March, limited to 50 attendees, reservation required) , tours led by the brewers themselves, a spring festival where you can drink your fill as the brewery throws open the doors to it’s storehouse (Late April), the unveiling of new, freshly made sake during the Matsuyama Village Festival (Early November), and others.


Sake Brewery Tourism in Other Languages


Our DVD, which introduces brewing at Ichi no Kura, features English subtitles. In addition, we have brochures available in English, Chinese, and Korean. The guided tours, however, are only offered in Japanese, and we ask that any visitors wishing to enjoy the tour in another language arrange for their own interpreter.

Why not call Ichi no Kura Brewery to reserve your tour in advance, and come enjoy the rich culture of Japanese sake with us?

Organizer Information:


Organizing body:   Ichinokura Co.,Ltd.
Tours Offered: Weekdays from 9:30 ~ 15:00 (Tour guided by staff.)
Weekends and Holidays: from 10:00 ~ 15:00 (Tour the facilities freely.)
Reservations are required, no entrance fee. Please request reservation by phoning or emailing us ahead of time.Reservation Inquiries Accepted :  Weekdays from 9:00 ~ 17:00 (Not accepted on weekends or holidays.)Phone: 0229-55-3322 (Off-Site) Office contact number.E-mail:
Location: (Address): Miyagi-ken Osaki-shi Matsuyama-Sengoku Okeyaki 14
Access Information: (Route and Transfers) By Car — 30 minutes from either the Yamato or Furukawa exits off the Tohoku Expressway.
By JR — 10 minutes by taxi from the Matsuyama-mura Station on the Tohoku main line. (40 minutes by train from Sendai Station to Matsuyama-mura Station.)
Official Web Site:(URL):
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For inquiries:  0229-55-3322