[Sake brewing city Saijo] – Sake brewery street and Sake festival

2017/03/06 [Chugoku_Region][Hiroshima]
Promoter: East Hiroshima City Tourism Association

Sake Brewery Tourism: Recommended Information

The Sake brewery street of Saijo, also called the Sake brewing city, is a Registered tangible cultural property, a townscape lined with sake breweries and eaves connected to red-bricked chimneys. Brewery tours, sake tasting, limited edition sake sales, tasting of water used in sake production, and a refurbished restaurant are available.

Also, the area around Saijo station will be the venue for the 2017 Sake festival, the 28th time for this event, a sake festival representing Japan in which more than 200,000 people will visit in 2 days.

Sake Brewery Tourism: Points of Interest

During the Sake festival, you can enjoy the “Sake Hiroba” area, with are approximately 1,000 sake brands from all over Japan, along with tasting “Bishunabe”, a local cuisine made by the brewers of East Hiroshima, at the “Bishu Hiroba”,

Sake Brewery Tourism in Other Languages

There are registered English-speaking volunteer guides. They are available at the East Hiroshima city Tourism Information Office (2nd floor of JR Saijo station), and are planned to be made permanent from 2017.

How about checking the schedule of the Sake festival, visiting the Sake brewing city of Saijo and the Sake breweries in Hiroshima prefecture’s East Hiroshima city?

Organizer Information:

Organizing body: (Public corporation) East Hiroshima city Tourism Association, East Hiroshima Volunteer Guide Organization, Saijo Brewery Association, Sake Festival Executive Committee
Tours Offered:  JR Saijo station area
Location: (Address): JR Saijo station, East Hiroshima station, etc.
Official Web Site:(URL):  (Public corporation) East Hiroshima city Tourism Association http://www.hh-kanko.ne.jp/
Sake festival https://sakematsuri.com/
Participating brewery website (URL):  Kanemitsu brewery http://www.kamokin.com/
Kamotsuru brewery http://www.kamotsuru.jp/
Kirei brewery https://kireikireikirei.jimdo.com/
Sanyotsuru brewery http://sanyotsuru.jp/
Hakubotan brewery http://www.hakubotan.co.jp/
Fukubijin brewery http://www.fukubijin.co.jp/
Tourism Information:(Hotels, food, sights, experiences, etc.)(URL):  East Hiroshima city Tourism Association
For inquiries: Hiroshima prefecture East Hiroshima city Commercial Tourism Division