Sake Tourism Nation

2017/03/06 [Japan]
Columnist: Co-op SACHI Co., Ltd. Toshie Hiraide

I have been familiarizing and studying wine for many years and experiencing the pleasure of meeting, sharing and communicating with people from all over the world through a glass of wine. In 2001, when I drank freshly squeezed Daiginjo at a sake brewery in Kyoto, I felt that “This sake represents everything about Japan and sake is Japan itself”. From this experience and in knowing wine I thought that it would be possible to spread the wonderful culture of Japan and sake to the world.

I would like to introduce Japanese culture and the different regions of Japan to the world through sake, and thus “Sake Tourism Nation” became my dream. I think a big step for this dream to move forward is this Sake Brewery Tourism Promotion Council.

In every prefecture, there are stories of families who have kept sake brewing as a family business and tradition. We will carefully nurture what they have protected over many generations by developing sake tourism and promoting these regions proudly to the world. I think the mission of the Sake Brewery Tourism Promotion Council is exactly that.

In holding hands and co-operating with sake brewers, stakeholders of each region and travel industry partners, we can create and promote sake tourism to the world.

We will pass on the value and pride of the sake world to the next generations.

I would like to continue pushing forward and further developing this sake tourism platform.